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If It Don't Say "Mo" Betta... It Ain't

Will is beside himself with his most recent sponsorship with "Mo" Betta Clothing Company. You have seen these shirts on Rodeo contestants as well as Country Music's biggest Superstar, Garth Brooks. When Will was asked how he felt after receiving the news that "Mo" Betta would sponsor him, Will had this to say.

"I am absolutely exstatic! It's really a dream come true. I want to say Thank-you to Nikki Tate and all the staff at "Mo" Betta Clothing Company for believing in me and my dream! To have you guys in my corner is such an amazing compliment. I have been a huge fan of your shirts since I was a young kid and to have you a part of my career, well, words will never be able to describe how that makes me feel, Thank you!"


Will Revv's Up His Sound!

 Will Randall gets endorsed by 'Revv' Amplification

'I would like to thank Derek Eastveld & Dan Trudeau at Revv Amplification in Winnipeg Man. CAN for my Awesome Revv 7/40! This amp is the cats meow when it comes to tone! I would have to say you have out done yourselves! It doesn't matter which channel I choose to play through, its smooth all around the board. I also really enjoy the programmable foot pedal as well. Great Idea! Gonna have to get me a Gennie 120 and see what Country is like through that!